The Secrets To Why Hermès Bags Are So Expensive

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1. Reasons why Hermès bags are so expensive

Anything must earn a secret so that it becomes the best in a field. Hermès, as we are referring to, is the same.

1.1. Hermès bags are made from materials that are high-quality.

The world’s most expensive handbags and wallets sometimes contain precious metals, diamonds and animal skins. Both Hermès bags and luxury brands such as Gucci Women’s His bags fall into this category.

Hermes Bags Are Made Of High Quality Material
  • Most of Hermès products are made from materials such as cowhide, lizard skin, gold, palladium and other animal skins. This is partly why Hermès is so expensive. Hermès Diamond Birkin bags are often made of crocodile leather, gold and coated with diamonds on the outside. These bags are much more costly than stainless steel or canvas bags due to their high-quality materials.
  • Animal hides are also more challenging to work with than cotton, nylon, or polyester materials. Compared to cotton, leather is often thicker, rougher, and more textured. It takes patience and talent to sew this shawl at the ideal angle into a fashionable handbag.
  • This is the first reason why Hermès bags are so expensive.

1.2. Each Hermès bag is handcrafted by craftsmen that are skilful.

  • Another reason Hermès is so expensive is that Hermès bags are 100% handmade. Hermès artists handcraft each bag from a selection of materials, designs, cuts, stitches and rhinestones to ensure that every component is perfectly placed.
  • Hermès bags are also made by the best craftsmen. They all have to train for years to get a full-time job. Therefore, the high quality of Hermès staff is also the reason why Hermès bags are so expensive.

2. The bags that answer why Hermès bags are so expensive

Let’s take a look at these bags so that you will have the answer to why Hermès bags are so expensive.

2.1. Hermès Kelly Rose Gold – the first answer to why Hermès bags are so expensive

This is the Hermès Kelly Rose Gold, which takes its name from the luxurious solid gold design of its material.

Hermès Kelly Rose Gold
  • The bag is a collaboration between the brand, jewellery, and shoe designer Pierre Hardy. Considered the epitome of classic elegance. Shaped like alligator skin, this watch is made of solid gold with 1160 diamonds. This is one of the factors that answer the question of why Hermès is so expensive.
  • This bag costs him $2 million, making it one of his most expensive Hermès bags. Worldwide she has 12 items sold and she is considered one of the best women’s bags. This is the bag that Hollywood star Victoria Beckham adores.
  • To get this bag, you have to become a VIP member of the fashion house Hermès and buy many other products before earning points.

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2.2. Hermès Birkin Bag – the second reason why Hermès bags are so expensive

I’ve already mentioned the Hermès Birkin, but not this one. This Hermès bag is a limited edition and is set with diamonds.

Hermès Birkin Bag By Ginza Tanaka
  • Featured platinum, this Hermès Birkin limited edition bag set with over 2000 diamonds. The diamond bracelet can be removed and used as a necklace or bracelet.
  • The 8-carat pear-shaped sparkling diamond embedded in the bag itself can stand alone. The bag retails for $1.4 million and is only available to VIP members of the Hermès Fashion House.

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2.3. Hermès Chain Bag – the third reason why Hermès bags are so expensive

Have you ever seen a bag with diamonds like this? What a great move!

Hermès Chain Bag
  • A total of 1160 diamonds were used to set the bag which explains why Hermès is so expensive. He produced only three items for the Pierre Hardy collection.
  • This, in addition to expensive materials, contributes to the high price of the item. This unique bag currently sells for $1.4 million.

Hopefully, you have the answer to why Hermès bags are so expensive.

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