Real hair extension: Must-have product of the hair extension market

What did you know about real hair extensions? About its use or have you simply heard about it in the hair extension market? If not, then please refer to the following article to know more about real hair extensions.

Real hair extension

Overview about Real hair extension

Real hair extension is a hair extension product made entirely of real hair with high selection to be able to make a perfect hair extension product. It is meticulously processed with modern techniques and technologies to be able to produce a uniform product with the highest quality. And real hair extensions can form many styles because its foundation is a strong and durable hair that can completely transform to become more attractive to customers who use hair extensions.

Characteristics of Real hair extension

It may still be quite strange to those who are new to using hair extensions when it comes to real hair extensions, but for hair dealers or lovers of using hair extensions, it seems that real hair extensions are no longer strange.

Pros and cons of real hair extension

Distinguish Real hair extension from synthetic hair extensions

As its quantity is dwindling, people have devised a way to treat real hair extension by replacing it with synthetic hair extension, but it is confusing shoppers.

  • For real hair extension products, often manufacturers which are popular in wholesale hair extension markets will not use chemicals or make much impact on it, but let it keep the most natural beauty. Therefore, to distinguish it from synthetic hair extensions, it is possible to identify it through the smell of the hair. Synthetic hair extension products often have a characteristic smell of chemicals due to a lot of processing to get a complete product and this is also one of its disadvantages.
  • Or an easier way to tell is to use heat on both products to see the difference. Real hair extension products will be easy to style when subjected to heat because of good hair quality, but for synthetic hair extension products, it will be difficult to style because it has been chemically processed many times so styling seems to become more difficult.
  • And the way hair dealers most often try when purchasing raw hair sources and to check if it is real hair, they use fire to burn it. Yes, it sounds strange but they actually use fire to burn hair products to verify the authenticity of the hair. If the hair is burned and becomes dust immediately, it is real hair, but if it is sun-burnt after being burned and shows no signs of disappearing, it is synthetic hair.

Types of Real hair extension

For every customer, they always want to be selected in terms of quality so that they can choose the right products for the price and here are some styles of real hair extensions.

Types of real hair extension
  • Non-remy real hair extension: This is probably the least favorite quality because it doesn’t have a basis of high quality or durability, it’s the kind that is gathered from many sources and then aggregated to form a finished product. Non-remy real hair extension is also difficult to withstand the effects of chemicals or heat as well as other products but it is also bought a lot because its price is relatively cheap and suitable for those who are just starting to use hair products.
  • Remy real hair extension: this hair type is better than non-remy because it is selected with good quality collected from 2 to 3 sources and not mixed too much. In particular, remy real hair extension can also be considered as a version of virgin because its quality is not less than virgin and the price is significantly cheaper. Therefore, many people have chosen it to make products that are affordable as well as quality.
  • Virgin real hair extension: If I could choose for myself a hair extension product with the best quality, it would definitely be a virgin real hair extension. It is a high quality product selected from the highest quality raw materials sources and virgin hair products are also the premium products in the hair extension market. Therefore, its products are also quite expensive compared to other products, but in terms of quality, there is no doubt.

Where to provide reputable hair extension products: 5S hair factory

For many emerging markets today, 5S hair factory is a market with a high reputation among them, because 5S hair factory always provides the best quality products, especially real hair extensions. Because 5S hair factory’ raw materials always ensure high quality raw hair, the products sold are always well received by customers as well as other hair dealers around the world.

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