Raw Cambodian hair: The emerging raw hair in the current hair extension market

Because the hair extension industry is becoming more powerful, finding a reliable source of raw hair materials is becoming increasingly important. Raw Cambodian hair appears to be a new source of raw materials, and it appears to be well suited to the current state of the hair extension business.

Raw Cambodian hair

An overview of raw Cambodian hair in its natural state

Cambodia is seen as a poor country that has struggled to develop as rapidly as other countries around the world.

  • Cambodians have one of the lowest average incomes in the world, according to current international rankings. And, like many other developing countries, a big number of Cambodian women work but earn low earnings, so they sell their hair to supplement their income.
  • That is also why the Cambodian hair extensions business uses raw Cambodian hair in the creation of hair extensions or to sell to large markets where raw hair is in short supply. Raw Cambodian hair offers a lot of good qualities that make it feasible to construct a lot of high-quality hair extensions.
  • Raw Cambodian hair is also considered a dupe of Brazilian hair due to its similar thickness and light curls. However, Cambodian hair is coarser and drier, not as soft and shiny as Brazilian hair. Cambodian hair is also much coarser than Vietnamese remy hair extensions even though the two countries are next to each other.

Raw Cambodian hair goods are also not expensive on the present hair extension market because the quality of these products is inconsistent due to the fact that they are 100 percent natural natural hair without chemicals.

Raw Cambodian hair’s characteristics

As one of the newest sources of raw hair materials, or to learn more about raw Cambodian hair on the present hair extension market, learn about its qualities.

Raw Cambodian hair characteristics

Raw hair is popular in Asian countries, therefore let’s examine what other forms of coarse hair there are:

Raw Cambodian hair characteristics
  • Raw Cambodian hair is a relatively unknown commodity in the market, but it has recently become a new source of raw materials. Cambodians take great care of their hair with natural herbs, thus coarse hair is usually light black but not shiny, and it is quite strong.
  • Raw Cambodian hair is often light and thin, yet it fits the requirements for serving the Cambodian hair extension market and is also well suited for export to other countries. Raw Cambodian hair shares many of the same features as Brazilian hair, but it is not as lustrous. As a result, chemicals were utilized in the Cambodian hair extensions industry to make coarse hair shinier, which could help to raise the price of raw Cambodian hair on the worldwide market.
  • Furthermore, raw Cambodian hair is divided into two types: straight hair and curly hair, which are used to make a wide range of hair extensions. The availability of these two varieties of raw Cambodian hair has reduced the number of hair extension production steps in this market. Because of the range of styles and materials available, this industry can potentially develop raw Cambodian hair in other markets throughout the world.

Types of Raw Cambodian hair

If you’re already familiar with its properties, let’s look at the different types of raw Cambodian hair:

Types of Raw Cambodian hair
  • The raw Cambodian hair industry, like many other raw hair kinds on the market today, has two main sources of raw materials: virgin hair and remy hair. Because of the excellent uniformity in materials used in contemporary hair extension products, raw Cambodian hair may readily integrate into the global hair extension industry.
  • Virgin hair is a high-value hair type with excellent quality that may be found almost anyplace. Raw virgin hair sources are highly rare in Cambodia since only wealthy ladies can have such strong and lustrous hair to such a quality. However, because these ladies have no need to sell their hair, it is difficult to find virgin hair in Cambodia.
  • Raw Cambodian hair products are often remy hair of excellent quality, but they are purchased from a variety of sources, making it difficult to ensure that the quality will be consistent. The basic material, on the other hand, is remy hair, which is still popular in all hair extension sites today, not just in the Cambodian market.
  • However, compared to Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair is more expensive because they are mainly reselled by Chinese traders, but Cambodia itself does not have a hair factory, while how the quality of Vietnamese hair is as good is no need to argue.

5S hair factory provides raw hair of the same high grade as Raw Cambodian hair

The 5S hair factory is currently supplying vast volumes of Vietnamese raw hair products to the international market. The raw Vietnamese hair material that 5S hair factory provides to customers is not only comparable to, but also somewhat superior to, raw Cambodian hair. 5S hair factory always offers consumers the best raw materials that are carefully selected and acceptable for the price that customers have to pay for these items when they choose to acquire Vietnamese raw hair products.

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