Did you know how to correctly comb pixie hair extensions ?

Do you sell hair? If so, how long have you been doing it? Have you ever attended a course to learn how to apply comb pixie hair extensions? For the answers to the questions above, please read the article below.

For comb pixie hair extensions, general understanding is required

In order to ensure naturally curly, lovely hair that is free of knots and mess, the processes for combing pixie hair extensions should be described first. I’ll provide you the fundamental information you need to comb pixie hair extensions correctly.

What is a pixie hair extension?

Pixie hair extensions are used on short hair with minute curls. Because of their higher quality and extended durability, pixie hair extensions are among the most popular Vietnamese human weft hair at 5S Hair Factory among African wholesale hair vendors. Vietnamese Best Highest Quality – Pixie Curl,  a bundle of hair that has been firmly curled into very small curls is what distinguishes weft hair from other types. Three to five years is the average lifespan of pixie curl and you should know how to comb pixie hair extensions. 

Vietnamese Best Highest Quality – Pixie Curl

What makes pixie hair extensions unique?

Before you comb pixie hair extensions, you must be aware of the features of the hair products you are holding in your hand.

  • Pixie hair extensions are only made with virgin human hair from Vietnam. Because of the high caliber of the Vietnamese personnel, each Pixie hair extension is curled with sophistication and you need to comb pixie hair extensions properly. 
  • For pixie hair extensions, only long hair that is 30 inches or longer should be used. Employees find it hard to comb pixie hair extensions and create pixie-style wig because of the minuscule curls.
  • Brazilian and Indian hair extensions only last around three to six months, while Vietnamese virgin human hair extensions frequently last three to five years.
What makes pixie hair extensions unique?

1.3 Can extensions for pixie cuts be colored or bleached?

Between those with natural color and those with color, which sort of pixie hair extensions is easier to comb? Any hairstyle can actually be combed pixie hair extensions and colored as long as it’s made of virgin human hair.

If the hair is curled into tiny loops like pixie hair extensions and then colored again, its strength will be greatly reduced. Hair tangles and falls out as a result of this. For this reason, even though pixie hair extensions can be dyed or bleached, I don’t suggest getting colored pixie hair; instead, choose for black hair.

Why do some people don’t know how to comb pixie hair extensions?

Comb pixie hair extensions are usually difficult because of the tiny curls in the hair. In addition, the curls are readily ruffled and tangled after comb pixie hair extensions. Even a wig with pixie hair extensions loses the look of having curls after being brushed too regularly. 

 Adhering to pixie hair extensions with a comb

If we want to extend the lifespan of our pixie hair extensions, we should learn how to comb pixie hair extensions using these 3 simple techniques. 

  • As a first step, apply a balancing hair water or serum to your pixie hair extensions. Never comb pixie hair extensions from bottom to top; always from top to bottom. Remember that you must first tightly grip the hair in your hand before lightly brushing it as you untangle the area. If you do this, your hair won’t fall out.
  • If you want the curls to return to the same hairline after comb pixie hair extensions, gently squeeze  with your hands or wrap the hair around your fingers.
  • In order to keep your hair curly, you should constantly comb pixie hair extensions anytime you have free hands; there is no need to wait until the fresh pixie hair extensions are made.

Now that I know how to comb pixie hair extensions, where can I buy pixie hair extensions?


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