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It is important to choose wholesale hair suppliers that provide reputable and high-quality raw hair products. Where are the top wholesale hair vendors to be found? If so, this essay will clarify things for you.

An overview of the world’s wholesale hair distributors

In addition to hair factories, another types of wholesale hair extensions is wholesale hair wholesalers, who are typically centered in areas with insufficient supplies or inadequate production techniques.

Chinese wholesale hair distributors

Chinese wholesale hair distributors are continuously produced in large quantities and at competitive prices thanks to expansive facilities. As a result, suppliers of wholesale hair are fast growing and providing a substantial supply, a wide range of products, and international consumer markets.

  • Long history: Prior to 10–15 years ago, Chinese women’s hair was the source of Chinese hair. However, due to the quickening of urbanization.
  • Product characteristics: Straight, thin, black hair that is easy to maintain is typical of Chinese hair. Even while Chinese wholesale hair wholesalers have excellent chemical technology, they can be difficult to work with for a long period. You should consider long-term quality assurance while buying Chinese wholesale hair distributors.
  • The fact that Chinese wholesale hair distributors always have hair on hand is one of their advantages. When making an order with hair extension factories, buyers often have to wait while the factory processes the hair in accordance with their own specifications. The advantage of having high-tech equipment, though, is that China’s wholesale hair distributors can quickly produce hair extensions in large quantities for their customers.

Chinese hair is a fantastic choice if you want to import hair from Chinese wholesale wholesalers that will immediately appeal to customers. However, if you want clients to continue doing business with you, this is not the ideal option.

Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors

Vietnam has many factories that produce human hair extensions, making it a trustworthy and high-quality source for wholesale hair extensions around the world. Natural hair extensions made in Vietnam’s ancient factories are reasonably priced and of great quality.

  • High quality: Vietnamese women who reside in the northern provinces of Vietnam are the primary source of raw materials for wholesale hair wholesalers in Vietnam; as a result, the hair is strong, silky, and black.
  • Vietnamese hair extensions are among the most reasonably priced and of the greatest quality available anywhere. Human hair is the sole source of the natural hair used by Vietnamese wholesale hair dealers. Due to lower labor costs than in other nations, Vietnam also has very low production costs.
  • Productivity: Since there aren’t many items accessible to guarantee that the hair is always new, the production period for wholesale hair distributors may be a little longer. Instead, the hair is manufactured in accordance with the volume of business orders. Natural, virgin human hair is produced to a high standard at the Vietnamese Human Hair Extensions Factory. markets abroad, including those in the United States, Mexico, South America, Africa, Europe, and Russia.

So, if you’re seeking for a reliable source of wholesale hair that is both affordable and of high quality, a Vietnamese supplier will undoubtedly be a wise decision.

Indian wholesale hair distributors

Indian wholesale hair wholesalers are made in several places, including… Distributors of wholesale hair will buy it from different regions of India without carefully choosing the best.

                                                      Indian wholesale hair vendors
  • Aged experience: It is widely known that the wholesale hair wholesalers in India have a lengthy history and heritage in this field. People who adhere to the tradition of shaving their heads and presenting their hair to the temple in exchange for blessings typically receive the majority of the hair used in wholesale hair distributors in India from temples. A company in India manually processes about 1,000 kg of hair each month.
  • Indian hair has the following characteristics: It is naturally wavy, thin, and rough, yet it is also strong. This kind of wholesale hair supplier can be colored or bleached. China obtained Indian hair at a lower price, enabling smoothness in wholesale extensions.
  • Cheap: Of course, compared to other countries, India’s wholesale hair distributors have far lower prices. The main culprits are the price of labor and raw supplies. Even though it is virgin hair, the natural hair quality is subpar, so the price is significantly lower because of the vast supply of raw materials amassed at the temples.

Distributors of wholesale hair in other nations

Other countries that provide wholesale hair include Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and a few more. The bulk of these countries are business entities that provide wholesale hair. As a result, they can only produce a very small amount of hair on their own.

  • People in China frequently refer to Brazilian, Peruvian, or Bolivian hair as “Brazilian” or “Peruvian.” These countries have a strong demand for hair but a limited supply of hair. Their hair is either imported from other countries or exported to China.
  • As a result, the cost will be more than if you bought wholesale hair distributors directly from the large factories stated above. The fact that the shipping process must go through at least two different countries may potentially have a small impact on the hair’s quality.
  • These reliable providers provide amazingly big volumes of high-quality wholesale hair distributors.

The largest wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam are 5S Hair. 

5S Hair Vietnam is a company with many years of expertise in the manufacture and distribution of human wholesale hair distributors, virgin hair extensions, Tip/tape hair extensions, and other hair products in Vietnam.

  • Primary market: Each month, the 5S Hair factory exports around 3 tons of wholesale hair distributors, comprising both bleached and natural black hair. Customers from Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa admire natural colored wholesale hair suppliers. The wholesalers of bleached blonde hair, meantime, are extremely popular with European customers.
  • Price: 5S Hair is convinced that it can offer its clients the highest-quality hair at an affordable price because of its more than ten years of experience in the production and distribution of wholesale hair distributors.
  • Review: Numerous clients from all around the world have validated their wholesale hair distributors. They have received a lot of excellent comments from clients throughout Europe and Africa.


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