Why does 5S hair factory become a potential hair vendor

To become as successful as it is today, 5S hair factory has had to go through many ups and downs in the domestic and foreign hair extensions market. Let’s find out some more information about the 5S hair factory.

High quality products of 5S hair factory

Each product represents the face of that brand, and so far 5S hair factory has always made each of its hair extension products remind customers of an extremely potential market.

The products are extremely diverse

To be able to survive for a long time in an always new and competitive market like the hair extensions market, 5S hair factory’s products must be extremely diverse.

  • In an era where technology is increasingly modern and changing day by day, any product on the market today needs innovation and diversity. That’s why 5S hair factory’s hair extension products are always researched and developed daily to respond to the aesthetic changes of today’s society.
  • In terms of styling, 5S hair factory always knows how to go from traditional to modern from beautiful straight hair extensions with the smoothness and shine typical of Asian hair to modern curly hairstyles with different levels hair extensions from gentle waves to small curls are wild… all contribute to creating great beauty for the customers who use it.
  • With the characteristics of Asian human hair, the original 5S hair factory’s hair extensions always have a characteristic black color. But because to meet all the requirements from customers from fastidious to easygoing, 5S hair factory has produced many types of colored hair extensions and always achieves the highest quality. This color hairstyle will help you get the best hair color without any damage to your real hair or worrying about the color not being standard.

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Source of high quality products of 5S hair factory

5S hair factory always makes high quality products to serve customers from all over the world, so where do those products come from?

  • 5S hair factory’s hair extension products are all taken from 100% natural hair of Vietnamese women with the highest quality. Some clients ask about Cambodian hair extensions, but they just sell Vietnamese hair extension. Each product is carefully selected to be classified into many different levels. thereby creating products of different quality with different prices suitable for all customers who come to buy at 5S hair factory.
  • If only high-quality raw materials were available, would the 5S hair factory be able to create high-quality products? Of course, it is impossible without the high techniques of skilled workers, through each meticulous production stage they will create products of uniform high quality but still retain the original value of that material.
  • Along with the strong development of scientific technology, 5S hair factory has taken advantage of modern technologies to contribute to increasing the productivity of hair extension factories and thereby also increasing the value of the products.

5S hair factory understands the psychology of customers from all over the world

An issue even more important than how many products are sold is understanding the psychology of customers.

  • 5S hair factory understands the problem that selling is a good thing, but keeping customers is many times better. Therefore, for each phase of business cooperation with customers, 5S hair factory tries to understand and capture the psychology of customers to offer the most reasonable advice to satisfy customers to be successful in each business session. This is also an integral part of any business’ strategy when it comes to success, which is to understand their customers.
  • And how to understand customers even if 5S hair factory just met for the first time? That is the closeness in consulting as well as talking with customers to understand what their purpose when coming to the hair extensions market is and from there to accumulate experience so that if they meet customers similar goods will not be as surprised as the first time.
  • It can be said that this is also a secret of success. In addition to high quality and dedicated service, capturing customer psychology is the secret weapon. If the market is more developed, the more different partners will be met and therefore it is also necessary to have a professional team that is always ready to answer all questions of customers.

In order to reach the current success in the Vietnamese hair extension market, 5S hair factory has continuously made efforts since the first days and has now become a potential market for hair extensions that other hair extensions markets in the world can enjoy. Surely in the future 5S hair factory will develop and bring the beauty of Vietnamese hair extensions to wholesale hair extension markets around the world.

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