Why are real hair extensions so popular around the world?

The importance of the desire for beauty has increased globally. People frequently choose real hair extensions for their hair in order to alter their appearance while preserving their inherent beauty. The article below contains all the facts on real hair extensions that you need to be aware of.

Genuine hair extensions are becoming more and more in demand

Recent years have seen a rise in the use of real hair extensions as a beauty method, particularly among women who value beauty.

Real hair extensions: what are they?

The name says it all: real hair extensions are made from actual hair and are used to lengthen the hair of clients.The wholesale real hair extensions market is becoming more profitable as a result of the rising demand for real hair extensions.

Why is it so common to use real hair extensions?

The market for real hair extensions is expected to increase over the next few years, according to experts and analysts. The following influences have a significant impact on this:

  • Due to heredity, African hair is frequently wavy and short. They can lengthen and style their hair more readily by using real hair extensions.
  • Europeans appreciate their attractiveness highly and have the highest middle class income in the world. Europeans so frequently utilize real hair extensions to enhance their appearance.
  • The majority of people, with the exception of the two major markets mentioned above, feel the need to beautify and utilize real hair extensions, especially in light of Covid-19, which has resulted in significant hair loss.

It is obvious from the reasons given above that beginning your business with wholesale human hair extensions will be advantageous. To choose your products and be successful in the wholesale real hair extensions industry, you must grasp the many types of hair extensions. The main categories of real hair extensions will be listed in the paragraph that follows.

Real hair extensions come in three primary categories.

To satiate the global beauty needs of women, a wide variety of wholesale real hair extensions are offered. Sew-In Hair Extensions, Clip-In Hair Extensions, and Tape-In Hair Extensions are the three basic categories.

Extensions with tape

Tape-in hair extensions entail the use of tape to secure actual hair extensions to your natural hair.

  • Method: The hairstylist will heat the glue and apply it to your hair, which will typically take between 40 and an hour.
                       Real hair extensions come in three primary categories
  • Maintenance: This kind of real hair extensions has a short lifespan because the adhesive melts easily when exposed to chemicals and heat (4-8 weeks). Experts advise paying attention each time you use shampoo and conditioner to prevent lowering the longevity of tape-in hair extensions.

Since they need a hairdresser’s assistance and are not particularly long-lasting, tape-in real hair extensions are not popular with customers on a tight budget.

2.2 Clip-in extensions for hair

With the quickest and easiest approach, clip-in hair extensions are regarded as real hair extensions.

  • No heat or chemicals are required; all it takes is 5–15 minutes to connect the bundles to your hair at home.
  • Maintenance: Since they are adaptable and may be taken out and used at any time, clip-in real hair extensions are easy to maintain. Simply wash, condition, and dry as you would natural hair to maintain cleanliness.

Clip-in hair extensions are currently the most widely used type of real hair extension due to their simplicity, extended lifespan (6–8 months), and ease of application.

Hair Extensions Sewn In

Sew-in hair extensions are the name for bundles of actual hair extensions that are sewn together using thread and needle.

  • Real hair extensions will be woven and joined to real hair to create this hairdo. Professional hairdressers typically spend many hours using this time-consuming procedure.
  • Maintenance: It’s important to moisturize the scalp and the seams of real hair extensions when using sew-in hair extensions. You should only wear hair extensions for a maximum of 8 weeks in order to maintain its beauty and quality.

Sew-in real hair extensions are only appropriate for people with thick, strong hair and a lot of money for hair because you need to go to reputed hair salons to accomplish it due of the method’s specificity.

5S Hair Factory is the Most Reliable Vietnamese Hair Factory Regarding Real Hair Extensions.

When choosing a wholesale supplier of real hair extensions for yourself, one of the factors you should take into account is the quality of human hair extensions bundles. I’d like to promote 5S Hair in this post, one of the largest wholesale producers of real hair extensions in Vietnam.

Having been established in 1989 as the first wholesale factory for human hair extensions in Vietnam, 5S Hair has proven its superiority in its field by offering a large selection of high-quality items made from human hair extensions.

Additionally, this seller of wholesale real hair extensions enjoys a stellar reputation and has accreditation for both its brands and its products. As a top supplier of wholesale real hair extensions throughout the world, 5S Hair can help you grow your wholesale human hair extensions business and better grasp the hair extensions industry.


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