Top suppliers in wholesale Arabica coffee for beginners

 Since coffee has become a popular drink for multiple classes, the import and export of this agricultural product has been promoted fast and furious, along with the need to find reputable suppliers.

General view of wholesale Arabica coffee beans

Arabica is chosen by 70% of coffee lovers, consuming a large amount every year

Update export wholesale Arabica coffee beans

Coffee exports of Brazil Naturals (according to ICO) always hold the highest position in 4 consecutive MYs, of which in 2020/21 MY reached a record 2170 thousand tons. Besides, coffee exports of Colombia Milds are the lowest, exports in 2020/21 of MYM only reached 708 thousand tons. Export production is the lowest of the three Arabica coffees, but the highest price shows that Colombian Milds have the highest export value in the world.

Wholesale Arabica coffee beans price during 2018-2021

Factors affecting the supply of Arabica coffee

As a vital export commodity for some areas around the world, coffee is strongly affected by demand, epidemics and climate change. Wholesale Arabica coffee suppliers need to proactively adapt to these factors.

Impact of consumer demand and disease on wholesale supply of arabica coffee beans

The development of the “new normal” in Europe – which consumes a large amount of Arabica coffee – after many waves of the Covid-19 pandemic just before Christmas and New Year has made the world’s demand for Arabica coffee beans increase. suddenly increased. A series of wholesale Arabica coffee bean suppliers are aggressively collecting Arabica in large quantities to provide Europe with quality products and reasonable prices in the near future.

Unlike Europe, the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic in Asia and South America – two huge sources of Arabica coffee – have made the coffee trade more difficult than ever. Because coffee is a price-sensitive commodity with high logistics costs, Covid-19 has slowed down and caused transportation costs to increase many times over. Wholesale Arabica coffee bean suppliers have difficulty negotiating and exchanging selling prices with customers.

The effect of climate on the wholesale supply of Arabica coffee

Coffee production in the past 3 years has decreased compared to the previous year due to the impact of weather and environment. In Brazil, which peaked in July, the frost destroyed thousands of coffee trees, which is predicted to disrupt world supply for the next 2-3 years. However, reduced supply and increased coffee prices are anticipated to present an opportunity for wholesale Arabica bean suppliers.

TOP Suppliers you should not miss

Here is a list of the world’s leading prestigious coffee suppliers


  • Ga Food – Brazil’s leading wholesale coffee supplier


The Brazilian coffee supplier specializes in providing high quality Arabica coffee with moderate roasting, which is the most popular choice among consumers.

Although the company has only been in business since 2016, they already receive a lot of orders and have a reputation as a major supplier of wholesale coffee around the world.



Address: Rod Mg 050, Piumhi, MG, Brazil



  • Hacienda Flandes – Colombia’s leading wholesale coffee supplier


Hacienda Flandes is a large and ancient coffee farm located in the Ande Mountains of Colombia.

Hacienda Flandes has a long history and rich experience in coffee production spanning three generations and over a century of development and has recently opened its doors to the international roasted arabica coffee trade.


Phone: +84 8555555837

Address: Hacienda Flandes, Seville, 760043, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

Leading wholesale coffee supplier in Colombia


  • K-Agricultural Factory –  Vietnam’s leading wholesale coffee supplier 


Operating since 1996 in the field of Vietnamese agriculture, K-Agricultural wishes to bring high quality coffee in large quantities, at reasonable prices to the international market.

K-Agricultural Factory – one of the best suppliers of agricultural products in Vietnam has contributed to bringing thousands of tons of Vietnamese coffee to the world, especially to demanding markets such as the US, Japan, and Africa. Before being put on the domestic and international market, the products are carefully selected by hand and processed according to special methods to ensure the quality of each grain.





Whatsapp: +84 8555555837

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