Special things of Queen Hair the best Vietnamese Hair Supplier

Queen Hair is a leading Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria, with over a decade of experience producing and supplying hair to various hair wholesalers throughout Africa, particularly Nigeria. The success of exceptional entrepreneurs is built on their stories, and this is one of them.


The history of Queen Hair development

Being the first generation from a farming-tradition family, Ms Jessica decided to make a decision that can change her life. During a trip to Vietnam’s hilly North East, she followed traders and discovered a little-known industry: the human hair trade. She was struck by the amount of potential she saw in the flowing, lustrous black hair of healthy ethnic ladies. Ms Jessica opened a small-scale hair factory in 2000 after years of saving, researching hair production technologies, and planning.

  • In 2000, Ms Jessica, with future vision, transformed the factory into its own distributor. Queen Hair always keeps the sight of its fundamental ideas no matter how competitive the hair industry is. Queen Hair guarantees that only the best, ethically made hair products will be provided to clients.


  • Queen Hair Factory believes that every woman is stunning and queen of her own life. That’s the reason why they’re here: to give you a hair makeover. Each customer who visits Queen Hair Factory is referred to as a Queen, and they treat them as such by providing the best hair quality and customer service available. Discover your inner Queen with Queen Hair, which is made entirely of real hair, and feel like the most beautiful version of yourself today.

Queen Hair ‘s hair extensions services

Queen Hair specializes in producing high-quality hair extensions at an affordable price. Here are some of our most popular hair services:

International customer service

Queen Hair’s team of hair experts will provide advice to all clients on how to expand your business. They have packages to suit your business’s needs, such as start-up packages, perennial business packages, small business packages, large enterprise packages, and so on. Furthermore, you simply send me your budget, and they will advise you on the products that are best suited to your business.

Service for Nigerian customer

Queen Hair has announced the opening of a hair store in Nigeria to serve Nigerian and African customers with high-quality Vietnamese human hair. In addition, they have a hair showroom in Nigeria to help clients resolve any issues they may have with our company as quickly as possible. They strive to provide the best hair extensions and customer service to customers throughout the African hair market, ensuring that they are satisfied with their purchases.

Queen Hair factory has a special offer for hair extensions service.

Queen Hair gathers hair from  Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 35 who live in remote areas. Our Vietnamese hair has an incomparable natural silk-like smoothness, durability, and luster due to the favorable climate and traditional haircare routines.


Queen Hair supplies a variety of hair texture: straight, curly, wavy, kinky, twists, etc. Our hair also comes in a broad range of colors, whether they are dark or light colors, highlights or ombre.

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