Rilassante House – A contemporary rendering project by K-Render

In the following article, we will introduce you to the process of rendering Rilassante House furniture.

Basic introduction of the Rilassante House project

In this project, we had the opportunity to cooperate with Mr. Ken – the owner of an apartment called Rilassante House. Mr. Ken is a liberal and laid-back person. Therefore, working with Mr. Ken is extremely fun and our team rarely encounters unnecessary internal problems. First impressions are very important one. Mr. Ken shared that he really liked K-Render’s working style. We have just brought Ken a new working atmosphere and full of laughter. The conversation and sharing took place in a relaxed atmosphere, we do not think this is a meeting to implement any project.


When he started working, Mr. Ken was very determined. Since he is also a long-time architect, Mr. Ken also somewhat understands this field. The working process and contract negotiation are also quickly resolved.

The rendering process of Rilassante House

In the following section, we will introduce the rendering process of this interior house.

Typical lighting of the house

Previously, we discussed and agreed with Mr. Ken that the light of the house will be concentrated in the main rooms and other large rooms. Small rooms will focus on coordinated palette colors as well as details to highlight that room.


Light is divided into two types:

  • The first is natural light
  • The second is artificial light

First, natural light is the light of the outside environment shining directly into the house as well as the main rooms of the house. Rilassante House, adjacent to balcony, garden, and window. However, during the rendering process, the architects of K-Render tried to make the light not look too artificial and bright, making the interior details inside the room not clear. Natural light is the right light, it just has to make the room more bright and make the viewer focus on the highlights of Rilassante House.

Second, artificial light will be used as lamps, candles, light that does not have to come from outside the house. Artificial light will be placed inside rooms with a smaller area such as small bedrooms, bathrooms, offices..

According to Mr. Ken, placing artificial light in those rooms will make the room of Rilassante House cozy and create a separate space for each member to live and work in the house.

Using furniture inside Rilassante House

Furniture is also a very important factor to create excellent renderings for this house.


  • Firstly, we used simple materials but with delicate and elegant colors, matching the style that Mr. Ken wanted to make for Rilassante House. These are materials such as wood, brick, stone, glass, etc.
  • Second, the furniture rendering stuffs such as beds, sofas, and dining sets in the kitchen are bought and designed by Mr. Ken personally, in color and design. arrange for them. Mr. Ken was also very enthusiastic when he sent us many example pictures so that both sides could understand each other’s ideas exactly.
  • Third, the interior decorations are suggested and edited by a team of professional architects of K-Render to suit the entire interior space of Rilassante House.

Photography angle for Rilassante House

Finally, there is the element of photography angle for each room of Rilassante House. Here, we specially made 27 renders for Mr. Ken’s project.

For rooms with a large area like the main rooms, we will prioritize them with a higher number of rendered images than the remaining small-sized rooms. This will help Mr. Ken visualize the entire space of not only Rilassante House, but also visualize the arrangement of furniture and the location of each room.

Mr. Ken’s feedback on Rilassante House

After receiving the final render for the Rilassante House project, Mr. Ken was very satisfied with the rendering ability and quality of the K-Render team of experts. Besides, our sales and customer care staffs are also very enthusiastic, caring and often ask Mr. Ken about the house he just built not long ago.



Hopefully the above information will help you to understand more about the professional rendering product Rilassante House of K-Render Studio company. Please contact for more detailed information about our 3D rendering products and services.

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