K-Hair Factory: Which hair extensions type should be chosen for bleaching and dying?

A lot of hair extensions users nowadays are fed up with the current hair colors and want to try something new. Girls think that weird hair colors perform their personality and how creative they are. Can every hair extensions type be bleached and dyed? The answer is that it depends on what color you choose and what type of hair you are wearing. If your are wearing hair extensions made from 100% virgin hair, it is not a matter what color you like. Understanding high demand of virgin hair in hair market, many factories supply “hair extension called virgin hair” at a cheap price. Be alert because the hair considered 100% virgin is sold at a high price. In K-Hair Factory, you can buy virgin hair for no fear of being scammed. If you are concerned about where and how to find high quality virgin hair from a reliable distributor, this post is really of use.

K-Hair Factory has maintained its dominant position in exporting high quality hair extensions to wholesale hair vendors in the world, even fastidious markets like Europe, Russia or the US. No matter what types and styles of hair, K-Hair factory’s products are famous for stable characteristics and price (they have discounts on special occasions like Christmas or purchasing on large-scale quantities… so contact now for a preferential price).

Not many people know about the difficult stages to the current success of K-Hair Factory. The factory was founded in 1992 by Mr.James – an amatuer with a great passion for exporting Vietnamese hair to other Thailand and China. At that time, he faced many obstacles and failed some times due to the lack of hair sources and facilities in producing chain. However, he didn’t surrender and put all effort into his business. Some years later, his son, Mr.Daniel came back to Viet Nam after finishing his university in Australia and took over the predecessor’s career. K-Hair factory is now run under Mr.Daniel’s leadership and has gained a reputation for delivering best quality hair items to the world hair market.

Hair vendors finding cheap hair extensions tend to deal with China or India but when they are in need of higher-quality hair at a reasonable price, they come to Vietnamese hair. K-Hair Factory has ranked in the top 1 biggest factories in Vietnam in 2020. To achieve that goal, the leading managers have worked day and night with the assistance of supportive staff. The key to the success in their business is the quality of hair extensions items they supply. Working with the motto: “Quality is King”, K-Hair Factory pay much attention to hair origin so that the hair quality is equal from products to products. K-Hair factory’s staff come to Vietnamese rural villages to qualify the hair and ask to buy it. It takes a lot of time but it’s worth it. Only with high quality can the factory build customer trust in long term.

Vietnamese hair is divided into two main types: virgin hair and remy hair. Virgin hair is the hair taken from only one donor so the criteria such as length, color, smoothness and durability is equal. Remy hair is haircut collected from a group of people so the hair quality can be worse than virgin hair. The hair status of remy hair is unstable because some donors use chemicals on their hair regularly while some don’t. In general, virgin hair is the best quality hair in the world hair market. With virgin hair, you can dye any colors, even light ones such as blue, pink, red and ombre or try any hairstyles to show off your characteristics. However, if your extensions are remy hair, you can also bleach and dye them but in some cases, when your hair is in low quality or mixed with synthetic hair, be careful because synthetic hair extensions are made from man-made fibers which make them hard to bleach and dye. You should make thorough inquiries about the products before making decisions in order to know whether it suits your demand or not.

Remember that the natural virgin hair is best quality but rare, as a result, the price is high. You should find reliable wholesale hair vendors to purchase hair because some scamming businesses mix real human hair with synthetic hair to make completed hair extensions and give them to clients at a cheap price. There are 5 signals showing one factory as a scammer: no website, no brand name, not willing to make a video call with you, no profound knowledge about hair and always rush you to pay money. K-Hair Factory is famous for distributing high quality virgin hair so you should take it into consideration if you intend to import virgin hair for reselling.

This post is an overview of K-Hair Factory – top 1 virgin hair supplier in the Vietnamese hair market. Finding a trustable supplier for hair sources is a significant first step in your business so K-Hair Factory is an ideal co-operator for best quality hair at a reasonable price.

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