In recent years, hair extension market has been lucrative

There is no denying the hair extension market has grown recently. The article below will tell you about this industry for hair extensions if you wish to establish a business selling wholesale real hair extensions.

Overview for hair extension market

Researching the real hair extension market in particular, as well as learning about the product, is one of the most crucial phases in starting a business. Even though the industry for hair extensions is not new, many people are still unaware of it.

What are extensions for hair?

Real hair is used in hair extensions. Before offering it to customers, manufacturers in the hair extension business collect natural hair from donors, process, clean, and connect it to bundles.

The market’s essential components for hair extensions

The market for hair extensions offers a wide range of items to satisfy all customer needs. The following factors are frequently used to categorize hair extensions on the market:

  • The most often used methods for real hair extensions include tape-in, clip-in, microlink, sew-in, and keratin. With a 38.28 percent use rate, clip-in hair extensions are by far the most popular hair extension product on the actual hair extension market.
  • The real hair extension market offers three major product categories: virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair. The most expensive hair extensions, in particular, are Russian virgin hair extensions. Given that natural Russian hair tends to be frequently light, thin, and shining, it makes sense that they are among the most expensive classes on the market for hair extensions.
  • The hair extension industry has a fairly broad category for origin, however the most well-liked goods frequently originate from vendors in Vietnam, China, and India. Additionally, these are the top three exports of hair extensions. You can also notice that hair extensions are made from the hair of Russians, Americans, and Canadians.

You can understand how broad and intricate the hair extension market is by looking at just the key categories mentioned above. However, you will also have additional possibilities as a result, particularly for your wholesale real hair extensions business.

Why is it so common to use real hair extension market?

The hair extension market has a very high potential, and according to the analysis of business experts, it will keep growing in the years to come.

  • For people who are interested in cosmetics and hair styling, the term “hair extension market” is no longer novel. But the products on this market have only recently become widely popular, and the main reasons for this are as follows:
  • In Europe, as living levels rise, so do people’s needs in terms of aesthetics. European women frequently turn to the hair extension market to have longer, thicker hair without hurting their genuine hair when styling in order to quickly alter their image and become more attractive.
  • This is mostly dependent on local genes for Africa, the second-largest consumer market for hair extensions. Short, curly hair that adheres to the scalp is typical of Africans. In order to make oneself look more feminine with flowing, smooth hair, many opt to resort to the hair extension business.

Because specialists believe that utilizing human hair extensions will prevent users’ natural hair from being damaged, the real hair extension market has expanded not just in Europe and Africa but also in other nations. shattered, harmed, and affected by heat when styling chemicals.

The most reputable supplier of hair extensions in Vietnam is 5S Hair Factory.

Having been established in the early 20th century, 5S Hair Factory is a well-known brand in the Vietnamese hair extension industry. The natural hair from young Vietnamese females between the ages of 18 and 25 that makes up the original components of 5S Hair Factory’s goods is what gives them their distinctive sheen, strength, and durability in the hair extension market.

The most reputable supplier of hair extensions in Vietnam is 5S Hair Factory

Additionally, this brand is well-known in the real hair extension market for its wide range of products, which is crucial for hair extensions wholesale. In addition, 5S Hair is thought to be quite reasonably priced when compared to the Vietnamese market for hair extensions. This is the reason why this business has teamed with so many upscale hair salons.

If you’re wanting to enter the wholesale hair extension industry and locate a reputable hair extensions supplier, please contact Ms. Lily at the following Whatsapp number for the fastest guidance from 5S Hair’s expert: +84855555348.


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