General description about founder of K-Agriculture

Founded in 1996 by a group of people who were energetic and enthusiastic, K-Agriculture has now solidified its position in the agriculture export industry. With a solid historical background and  ambitious vision, the founder of K-Agriculture has been affirming the company position in both domestic and international markets

Brief introduction about the founder of K-Agriculture

The K-Agriculture Founder team is divided into 4 different departments with the front leader being Mr. Daniel Nguyen Trong Quy.

Board of Director information

  • CEO

K-Agriculture was founded in 1996 by Mr.Daniel Nguyen Trong Quy. Mr.Daniel – the founder of K-Agriculture – is responsible for the company’s management and operation in many different fields such as agriculture, rendering, beauty,… Some of his appealing projects are K-Hair, K-Render, K-Agriculture, VNGate.

BOD and staffs
  • R&D Department

R&D Department of K-Agriculture is run by the co-founder of the team – Mr. Cuong Ho. He is mainly responsible for product development and research, technology. The department focuses on the objectives of becoming the biggest enterprise in the fields of agriculture export in thư world.

  • QA Department

The responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department is to secure product quality. 5 key products of K-Agriculture: rice, coffee, cashew, cinnamon, pepper are carefully checked in both quality and quantity perspective. Under the leadership of Mr. Richard Dang, the team always works with the best effort to avoid product adverse.

  • Sales & Marketing Department

Mrs. Maria Le is in charge of the leader of the Sales & Marketing team. The S&M team plays an important role in targeting and exposing the company to customers on a worldwide scale. Due to the indigenous leadership of Mrs. Maria Le, K-Agriculture has now taken shape in many different platforms, including Alibaba, EC21, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,… 

Development history under the leadership of K-Agriculture founder

With the motto: “Quality is King”, K-Agriculture has consolidated its place in the market of agriculture exportation. Some of the milestones of K-Agriculture’s founder team  through 25 years of establishment and development:

  • 1996: Started as a small business to harvest and export rice, maize, and nuts from Vietnam to China.
  • 2000: Add more products to the product list: Coffee, cashew and build a rice plant, spice factories like a modern cinnamon oil factory.
  • 2010: First export shipment to USA and Africa.
  • 2012: Expand activities to digital platforms: website, e-commerce – Alibaba.
  • 2020: Become a trusted famous company that exports rice, coffee, cashews, and spices to more than 100 nations.

Founder of K-Agriculture with an ambitious vision 

In the long-term period, the board of directors of K-Agriculture aims to be among the top 10 Agriculture Companies in Southeast Asia and the top 100 Agriculture Professionals in the world. Not only supported by energetic and supportive staff, but K-Agriculture company is also empowered by the Vietnamese government to pursue its objective. 

K-Agriculture factory

K-Agriculture provides high-quality Vietnamese rice, coffee, pepper, cinnamon, and cashews with stable and reasonable prices to different markets such as: American, European, Japanese…

Contact information:



WhatsApp: +84 855555837


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