Beauty Bloggers: How to become beauty influencers

The term Beauty bloggers are becoming hotter and hotter in the age of Covid-19 pandemic. Many people think that you just need beauty knowledge and you totally can become beauty bloggers. Is that true or not? Do Beauty bloggers career difficult to obtain? What should I do to start a beauty bloggers channel? In this post, we will answer these questions.

Some beauty bloggers who can inspire you

Knowing some people who can give you inspiration is crucial. You need to know them and know how they overcome everything to gain success. And you need to see how they work to influence people. 

  • Katie Jane Hughes

Katie Jane Hughes is one of the most famous beauty bloggers in the world. She specializes in make up artists and make up tutor. Her clients are all celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kate Bosworth & Emmy Rossum. Sharing about the importance of social media, she said that: “I honestly don’t think I would be where I am now without social media”.

  • Shayla Mitchell

Shayla Mitchell are the most popular in Instagram and Youtube. She is known as a famous makeup artist and livestreamer on this aspect. She comes from the USA and first launched her video on Youtube in 2012. Since then, she grasped love from views and became well-known.

  • Susan Yara

No one but Susan Yara can inspire you balanced lifestyle in such easily understandable way. She is an expert in lifestyle, a wife and also a mother. When getting into her Youtube chanel, you can watch videos about her knowledge of beauty products, her family life and how to balance them.

  • Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is one of the most respected makeup artists in the world. Her talent are admired and widely known all over the world for years. Moreover, she published her first book in 2015 named Face Paint: The story of makeup and became bestseller at that time. 

How to become beauty bloggers?

Some steps you must know if you want to join beauty blogs world:

  • Step 1: choose the aspects you want to develop. This is the first but the most important step to start something big. When you come up with any idea, detail it and spend time researching the market. Nowadays, being a hair styling blogger is a good idea. Such hot topics like best tips to style blunt bangs or all about hair extensions, etc are on hot search.
  • Step 2: choose the platform you want to focus on. With the development of social media, you can decide to show up on any platform you want: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,… My advice is that you should focus on only one at first and then spread to others so that more and more people will know you.
  • Step 3: decide and buy a domain name. You can choose one of them: .blog, .com, .beauty,…
  • Step 4: think and decide your brand name. This is one of the most important step because your brand name plays the role of an identity card. You need to understand that if you are successful, whenever people hear about your brand name, they know that is you.
  • Step 5: spread your influence wider and wider. After some time, you need to do something to spread your brand to many other people by doing advertisement on other platforms other than your core one.
  • Step 6: make networking. Beauty market is a chain and as a matter of fact, the more influencers you know, the more you learn and spread out your brand name. In case you are bloggers in the hair sector, you can also investigate some best hair suppliers for better working.

One thing you need to remember that you should put priority to quality over quantity. Some beauty bloggers rush to earn money from their knowledge and cheat people by wrong things. You see that it is good at first but you have to pay expensive cost after that.

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