An overview of tube cinnamon for interested wholesalers

 Tube cinnamon can be used in various aspects of our daily lives, from cooking, to healthcare, and beauty care. The most essential information about this product will be explained in this article. 

  1. Tube cinnamon and its distinctive traits

Tube cinnamon is a significant agricultural product with a lot of applications.

  • Areas where tube cinnamon is cultivated: Tube cinnamon is planted, harvested, and processed in mountainous regions. Most of the world’s tube cinnamon concentrates in Asian countries, such as Viet Nam, Indonesia, China, and Sri Lanka. 
  • The processing of tube cinnamon: Tube cinnamon is made by drying and letting the cinnamon tree’s inner bark naturally roll into a tube-like shape. Each tube is from 40 to 45 cm in length. The skin of tube cinnamon can be removed or not. 
  • The practical uses for tube cinnamon. In many cultures, it is widely used in cookery as a spice with a uniquely pungent flavor. Tube cinnamon can be added to both sweet and savory dishes. Besides, using tube cinnamon is recommended for various medical conditions, such as colds, coughing, respiratory problems, upset stomach, or even diabetes. 
  • The demand for tube cinnamon is growing: Data from the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC) showed that in 2019, the global import of cinnamon products, including tube cinnamon, was $748M – an impressive figure. 


Tube cinnamon shape

2. Biggest providers of tube cinnamon in the world

The three major providers of tube cinnamon are Indonesia, Viet Nam, and China. They are forecast to continue dominating the global tube cinnamon market. OEC indicated that in 2019, these three countries accounted for more than 63% of the world’s export of cinnamon. Among them, Vietnamese tube cinnamon is highly favored by international customers for its bright color and pleasant taste. 

3. How the price of tube cinnamon is affected by external factors

The price of tube cinnamon can fluctuate due to influences from the outside:

  • Harvesting: From February to March and from August to December are the two main harvesting seasons. Tube cinnamon is also perennial and quite resilient to fungus or insects. Therefore, the harvesting season’s impact on tube cinnamon’s price is rather insignificant.
  • Oil content: The more essential oil tube cinnamon has, the more expensive it will be.
  • Demands: In various countries, tube cinnamon is an indispensable flavoring component in their food, especially during festive seasons. Therefore, there will be several months during which the demand for tube cinnamon spikes. 

4. Top companies in Viet Nam for exporting and wholesaling tube cinnamon

Being the second-biggest provider of tube cinnamon, Viet Nam has various companies that provide excellent services and deliveries to interested buyers. 

  • K-Agriculture: Established in 1996, K-Agriculture has had many years of experience in supplying and exporting tube cinnamon. They always guarantee the finest products that certainly will satisfy even the most demanding clients. They have standardized manufacturers and factories with a skilled workforce.
K-Agriculture factory


Phone: +84 855555229 or +1 (830) 888 1822

  • Vietlife: Vietlife’s reputation in the field of exporting tube cinnamon is considerable. Their purpose is to establish greater cooperation with trade partners around the world. 
  • KPRO Production Joint Stock Company: This is another experienced exporter of agricultural products. Their tube cinnamon supplies adhere to clear standards to ensure the best quality. 

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